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Horizon Scanning – Opportunities, Threats and Innovation

It can be very difficult for a small business to keep on top of the latest trends affecting their industries – whether this is new technology, automation or customer trends.

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2-3 days support from a sector specialist

A PACE supply chain specialist can help raise your awareness of these trends and advise you on how to build horizon scanning into your business management processes:

  • Disruptive technologies or business models on the horizon
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the internet of things (IoT)
  • What type of automation is pertinent to the sector and size of business
  • Changes in customer preferences or habits
  • New competitors making an impact
  • What would be the best starting point for introducing automation
  • Connecting to research expertise
  • Trends affecting your sector: off-shoring/in-shoring, diversification/concentration
  • Threats: cyberattacks, trade tariffs
  • Protecting ideas
  • Innovations within your wider supply chain, e.g. distribution models, internet shopping, information and communications technologies

For example: 

  • Improve your understanding of the problems and ‘pain’ faced by your customers and discovering where you might be able to offer solutions
  • Highlight elements of your business which are most at risk from cyber-threats and identify potential solutions

  • Raise awareness of developments in automation and information technology impacting your sector and the costs and benefits of adopting them