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Procurement: sourcing and managing your suppliers

The success of a business can be dependent on the reliability of its suppliers. Procurement of suppliers requires consideration of price, reliability and quality as well as ethical considerations such as their working practices, environmental and health & safety records. SMEs need to exercise due diligence when selecting suppliers and may need to take into considerations standards set by key players in their sector(s).

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2-3 days support from a sector specialist

A PACE supply chain specialist can look at the requirements of the relevant sectors, review the SMEs due diligence and procurement process and advise on improvements:

  • Who are current suppliers
  • How to find new suppliers and carry out appropriate due diligence
  • How to manage and audit suppliers
  • Are your supplier contracts and communications serving your business – e.g. just in time, order and delivery tracking
  • Are you sub-contacting work that could be brought in-house or doing work in-house that would be better off out-sourced

For example: 

  • A specialist can guide you on improvements to your procurement, management and due diligence processes to meet sector standards