Understanding markets and supply chains


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Support from ERDF Productivity and Capability Enhancement (PACE)

Finding opportunities in a new or current sector

Trying to find new opportunities can be challenging, especially if you are new to the sector and do not understand where your products and services may fit into the supply chain. There may even be new opportunities that you are not aware of within your current sectors.

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2-3 days support from a sector specialist

A PACE supply chain specialist can consider your current offering and identify where it might fit in a sector.  They can also alert you to changes within your sectors that may have a beneficial or destructive impact on your business:

  • Roadmapping the sector to understand where the business sits, in relation to where they would like to sit
  • Identify what capabilities the business has that satisfy the sector and recognise the gaps
  • Identify what actions need to be in place to improve the capabilities.
  • Who are current customers and how to reach new customers
  • How to approach public sector and win contracts

For example: 

  • Provide information on any specific schemes run by primes, their supply chains, trade bodies or public-sector organisations to help SMEs enter the sector.
  • Guidance on how the sector is structured into OEM/primes, Tier 1s, Tier 2 etc, to identify the best entry point to target. 
  • Guidance on the size of the market, the number of suppliers and customers, prevalent business models and gaps in current product/service provision
  • Explain more technical issues such as the product development life cycles, the technologies of interest and the trends, regulations and accreditations.