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Sector regulations and accreditation

Major industries and sectors have specific regulations and accreditation that an SME will have to obtain and conform with if they wish to play a part in the sector’s supply chain.

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2-3 days support from a sector specialist

A PACE supply chain specialist can work with you to help identify the relevant regulations and accreditation and can offer advice on what you need to do to satisfy the requirements:

  • Enable businesses to identify where they are in relation to the current regulatory requirements/accreditation for the sector/subsector they are working in

  • Identify any regulations/accreditation considered as either mandatory (legally) or required by target market

  • Identify what the business needs to do to bridge the gap

E.g. A company producing components for the automotive sector may be interested in producing similar components for the rail sector.  

A rail sector specialist could look at the regulations and accreditation required for the rail sector, compare them to those already met by the company and provide a list of actions required in order to bridge the gap. 

The specialist will help the company identify any barriers which might hinder carrying out the actions, and suggest how these can be overcome.