Transport Equipment Manufacturing (TEM)

The Transport Equipment Manufacturing sector is wider reaching than most people think, covering all aspects of transport, including supply chain

The iNet has been supporting Transport Equipment Manufacturing SMEs for many years now (see Our History for more details). The sector covers more than just 'planes, trains and automobiles'', stretching from supply chain manufacture out into space!

It embraces business processes and technologies that are “through-life” and multi-disciplinary involving Concept, Design, Production, Service, Re-cycle, Materials, Software, Electronics & Controls.

If your business is involved in Transport Equipment Manufacturing or involved in the associated supply chain then you could be eligible for iNet support, including access to grant funding, academic research time and market analysis and expertise.

The iNet support offering comes in the form of two ERDF projects:  SPRING and PROSPER, each with a slightly different support package. 

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