Scientific & Technical Services

Scientific and Technical Services is a subsector of Professional and Financial Services both of which cover a wide range of industries.

The LLEP's Professional and Financial Services sector growth plan lists PFS as a sector that 'spans a very wide range of professional businesses, from core financial and legal services, through to technical services such as architecture, and scientific research, to creative and support roles such as contract cleaning and business administration.

The subsectors under this supported by The iNet include the following:

  • Technical testing and analysis
  • Bio-technology
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Scientific R&D
  • Data Processing

This list is not exhaustive and other subsectors that come under the Professional and Financial Services heading might also be covered under alternative sectors, for example Architecture, which is part of the Creative Industries sector.

The iNet support offering comes in the form of two ERDF projects:  PROSPER and SPRING.  Each project has a slightly different support package.

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