Low Carbon Technologies

The Low Carbon Technologies sector covers almost all other sectors, as aspects of it can form part of many businesses, manufacturing and design processes.

Low Carbon Technologies as a sector is hard to define as it spans many different aspects of business and culture. For the purpose of iNet support we have followed the definition giving in the LLEP sector growth plan which states that:

The Low Carbon sector is focused on activities that reduce carbon or GHG emissions

For example businesses involved in:
  • Energy Sources and Fuels
    • renewable energy
    • waste to energy
    • alternative fuels
  • Environmental Goods and Services
    • recycling
    • water treatment
    • air pollution
  • Low Carbon Activities
    • carbon capture and storage
    • alternative fuel vehicles
    • building technologies

If your business is involved in any of the above areas, or you feel you are a Low Carbon business then please get in touch as you may be eligible for a range of iNet support including access to grant funding, academic research time and market analysis and expertise. 

The iNet support offering comes in the form of two ERDF projects:  SPRING and PROSPER, each with a slightly different support package. 

Please click on the one of the relevant projects below to find out more or get in touch: 01509 635270 or email us at inet@lboro.ac.uk.

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