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Loughborough University is committed to helping businesses to succeed by sharing and applying ideas, knowledge, technologies, skills and services.

We partner with organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, exchanging knowledge to deliver new products and services to meet today’s challenges and those of the future. We provide an outstanding base for businesses to grow, nurture new graduate businesses and inspire our students to be enterprising.

Loughborough University support for businesses

Collaborating with Loughborough University Info Sheet

Loughborough Universities areas of expertise

Universities are complex organisations.  If you explore our websites you will find references to a mix of organisational units such as Schools, Departments, Research Groups and Centres of Excellence.  Access to facilities and opportunities to work with academics and students varies from area to area.  


All of our Schools have diverse and focused research strengths.  This link will take you to further information on all the areas of expertise.  

Facilities & skills

The individual Schools and Departments also have different approaches and offerings supporting access to students, skills development and facilities.  Follow the links to the website for the School or Department of interest and look out for further information on 'Enterprise', 'Working with business', 'Facilities' , 'Working with our students' to find out what is available or who to contact.

Can't find what you are looking for?

We have colleagues in the Research and Enterprise Office that work closely with different areas in the university and will be able to help.  The iNet team will help you find the right contacts.

If you are interested in finding out more and need help finding the best contacts at Loughborough University then please email inet@lboro.ac.uk or call 01509 635270 to speak to an advisor. Alternatively please click on our Contact page or the Twitter icon below.

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