Urgent need for small equipment, IT or Services?

  • Published on 18th July 2019

The iNet can help part fund the cost - Call us today on 01509 635270

There's still time to access our Productivity and Capability Enhancement (PACE) Programme and get 22% part funding towards the costs of your purchases.

For example:

  • small items of equipment, tooling, technical software (under £5,000) e.g. transducers, instrumentation
  • related IT hardware and software for systems integration and business process improvement (not basic infrastructure e.g. finance/accounts systems)
  • specialist technical/engineering services e.g. manufacturing engineering, plant design, refurbishment and installation
  • supply chain services e.g. technology road-mapping, sector-specific accreditation process services

If you are interested in finding out more then please call 01509 635270 or email inet@lboro.ac.uk to speak to an advisor. Alternatively please click on our Contact page or the Twitter icon below