Do you have a data-related ‘problem’?

  • Published on 21st February 2019

MSc Business Analytics students may be able to help

Loughborough University is looking for organisations which can benefit from the input, insights and expertise of a student on our MSc Business Analytics course, to help them with a current data challenge. 

From mid-June to mid-September our students are available on a full-time basis to undertake projects in host organisations – using their expertise in data mining, forecasting, decision analysis and/or optimisation.

The students explore ideas and solutions to a data-related ‘problem’ of interest to their host organisation.

They can be based in your office or work remotely.

Past collaborations in real-life projects within industry and the third sector include:

  •  Managing hotel and flight inventory to ensure optimal delivery for customers
  •  Collating data from multiple sources to visualise organisational health
  •  A review of demand forecast and supply management to meet regulatory requirements

Now in its fourth year, this programme has proved highly beneficial for the host organisations – with the students’ end of placement reports providing insights and recommendations regarding their particular data challenge. 

Our student numbers are growing so we are looking to expand the pool of potential host organisations.

For more details:

Please contact: Dr Duncan Robertson, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University. 

Telephone 01509 222188


If you are interested in hosting a student this year please respond by 28 February 2019