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How to Build a Sustainable Business Future

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LATi are delivering this event on behalf of the Smart Innovation and Networking for Growth (SING) project. This project is part funded through ERDF and delivered by The iNet through Loughborough University.

The event, which is to include a tour of the George Davies New Centre for Medicine - the largest PassivHaus building in the UK - will look at how SMEs can create a more sustainable future by adopting circular economy principles: designing out waste, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

The event will cover:

  • The Circular Economy Opportunity
  • Achieving a Sustainable Future for SMEs
  • Tour of the George Davies PassivHaus
  • Funding Opportunities for SMEs

Workshop: Sustainability and the Circular Economy

The event will look at why sustainability is an increasingly important business issue - regardless of size of business. It will look at enterprises that are adopting circular economy principles to build long-term resilience, generate business and economic opportunities and achieve environmental and societal benefits.

Dr Rose Deakin, founder of the Crop Club and Lecturer at Loughborough University Design School will lead a circular strategies workshop, using tools created by IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The workshop will cover the exploration, ideation, and design of a product, and developing a rationale (why it is better for the user, what makes it circular and what systems need to be in place).

Tour: The George Davies PassivHaus

The George Davies Centre for Medicine is the largest Passivhaus building in the UK. It has been built to an internationally recognised energy and sustainability performance standard. This dramatically reduces the requirement for heating and cooling, whilst creating excellent indoor air quality and comfort levels.

The iNet Talk on Support and Funding Available for SME Innovation and Growth

The iNet will outline the support and funding for SME Innovation and Growth from The iNet, and programmes SMEs can take advantage of. It will also provide examples of successful bids for funding.

Who should attend

  • The event is open to all involved in designing, developing and manufacturing products, including textiles, food and drink, engineering, electronics, low carbon, and automotive sectors
  • Of relevance to SMEs who are interested in sustainability, reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Academics and researchers are welcome to attend

Time for networking

You will have an opportunity to network with other attendees and meet the speakers before and after the event.

Refreshments, Talks and a Tour

We will meet for light refreshments and talks at the brand new Leicester Innovation Hub (on the Corner of University Road and Regent Road in Leicester - near the De Montfort Hall), followed by a tour of the George Davies PassivHaus, which is a short walk from the Innovation Hub.

Note there is limited free parking at the Innovation Hub. There is paid parking at Victoria Park - a five minute walk away.

To book your place

Please book your place via LATi