Visit to Holovis: Augmented Reality & Metrology Processes for Industry 4.0

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  • Location Holovis International, Lutterworth, LE17 4JH

Advanced manufacturers & SMEs who rely on metrology in their operational processes are invited to attend a specialist networking event at Holovis International

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LATi are delivering this event on behalf of the Smart Innovation and Networking for Growth (SING) project. This project is part funded through ERDF and delivered by The iNet through Loughborough University. 


Holovis is a developer of emerging technologies including Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities and multisensory simulation.  This event at Holovis' UK Demonstration Campus will explore some of its recent application inventions for virtual manufacturing and how they will impact production lines to increase accuracy, reduce training time and create a digital twin of operations.  

The event is open to advanced manufacturers, related industries and academics and is relevant to SMEs who rely on metrology in their operational processes.

Demonstrations during the tour of Holovis will include:

  • AR CAD overlays for process validation, where CAD data is augmented over real parts to ensure accuracy first time
  • Procedure tracking to enhance accuracy, prevent errors and simplify the shift swapping process. Overhead cameras are aligned with the real-world view against the virtual so that guidelines can be superimposed to show where something should be or what needs to be done next.
  • Live digital twin to flagging alignment issues from the moment they occur to prevent inaccuracies being discovered later down the line.
  • Virtual Reality collaboration to allow people from any geographical location to see and amend real-time data with colleagues.


09:00 - Arrival and registration (networking & refreshments)
09:30 - Welcome
09:35 - Henry Chow, Holovis - AR Unlocking the Industry 4 Digital Frontier
10:00 - Victoria Tews and Aanand Dave of HSSMI - Digital Twin
10:25 - Tour of Holovis
11:00 - Toby Maw, MTC - Metrology in Advanced Manufacturing
11:30 - The iNet – Support and Funding for SME Innovation & Growth
11:45 - Q&As

11:55 - Close


Holovis Talk on AR Unlocking the Industry 4 Digital Frontier

Industry 4 is at the convergence of emerging enabling technologies. It is the union of advanced production, operation, and smart digital technologies, to create intelligent and interconnected digital enterprises with the promise of self-managing and self-optimising automation. Digital Twin, a pre-requisite to the Industrie 4 vision, is often described as a digital replica of a physical environment or process. However, it should be more accurately described as a digital mirror, where the Digital Twin not a mere copy but a faithful reflection of a physical environment.

In this session, Henry Chow of Holovis deconstructs the Digital Twin concept to provide guidance on how businesses may embark on the Industry 4 journey and how Augmented Reality technologies could provide a key to unlocking the digital frontier.

HSSMI Talk on Digital Twin

Victoria Tews, Commercial Director at HSSMI will give a high level summary of how HSSMI's work streams are integral to the SME manufacturing market.

Aanand Dave, Virtual Engineering Manager at HSSMI will present a piece of HSSMI's technical work on a “digital twin for automotive production” with a focus on modularity and adaptation of this type of model for an SME market.

MTC Talk on Metrology in Advanced Manufacturing

Dr Toby Maw of the The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) will deliver a presentation on the use of metrology in advanced manufacturing.

Metrology is a key manufacturing process step that adds value to the component and process chain by increased knowledge on the component (i.e. quality) and upstream manufacturing processes and is an enabler of the Digital Twin. Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) techniques are in-line with developments toward Industry 4.0 concepts. Part of CAI is Digital Measurement Planning (DMP), which brings inspection information forward into the component design stage of manufacturing.

The presentation will cover the concept of DMP as well as example use-cases involving current capabilities that can lead to reduction of manual processes in measurement planning, shorter inspection lead times, standardisation of measurement planning and traceability of results and reports.

The iNet Talk on Support and Funding Available for SME Innovation and Growth

The iNet will outline the support and funding for SME Innovation and Growth from The iNet, and programmes SMEs can take advantage of. It will also provide examples of successful bids for funding.

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