IMPART: The Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference 2018

  • Date
  • Time To be confirmed
  • Location Nottingham Conference Centre, Burton Street, Nottingham, NG1 4BU

The event will bring together industry, government and academia to look at national strategies to integrate new transport technologies and services.

Intelligent Mobility (IM) is about bringing together emerging technology and transport services to offer the best travelling experience for commuters. IM includes mobility as a service (MaaS), autonomous transport systems (ATS) and connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

This conference is about taking a realistic view on issues brought about by the transition to IM. The conference will review the potential benefits of implementing new technology and applications and what we should do to achieve them. At the same time we will take a critical look at the potential dis-benefits brought about by this transition and discuss what we should do to avoid them. The presentations will focus on four main themes: mobility, safety, economy and the environment. The workshop sessions will debate how to promote positive outcomes, the best way to integrate new developments into everyday life and the action planning required to make transport more efficient and easy to use.

Speakers from academia, industry and government have been asked to give a perspective on how new transport systems, technology and services could change the way we travel, and how mobility needs will change during the transition period towards full automation. The presentations will explore potential benefits and dis-benefits for society from the transition to  intelligent mobility. The topics include Mobility, Safety, Economy and the Environment.

There will be two parallel workshops for open discussion to get views and opinions from as many different perspectives as possible on the challenges as we transition into an era of Intelligent Mobility.  One of the workshops will focus on the actions for individuals and industry while the other workshop will focus on the actions for government and local authorities.

Posters on current related research will provide opportunities for networking and discussion during the conference. Participants are invited to present posters that clearly describe an intelligent mobility challenge, its antecedents, approaches, plans and milestones, giving examples of IM issues in connection with society.   The deadline poster submission is Monday 4th December 2017.  There is a template size A1 available than can be  requested at If you would prefer submitting  a poster using your own template please use size A1.

Provisional Agenda

9:30 Keynote talk

9:50 Opening remarks

10:00 Plenary Talk.

10:45 Break and Exhibition

11:15 Presentations
• Stream 1 – Mobility (accessibility, traffic efficiency)
• Stream 2 – Safety (IoT, traffic networks, CAVs, ATS)

12:15 Networking Lunch

13:15 Presentations continuation:
• Stream 3 – Economy (jobs, productivity, infrastructure)
• Stream 4 – Environment (MaaS, energy resources, traffic, pollution)

14:15 Break and Exhibition

14:45 Workshops:
• WS1 – Actions for individuals and industry
• WS2 – Actions for Government and local authorities

15:45 Wrap up – Professor Pete Thomas

17:00 Drinks Reception

19:00 End