Video On Demand platform for live arts venues

New online tool for live arts venues to expand their reach and attract new audiences.

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The Company

Maronash Ltd is a small creative agency trading under the name ‘Off The Shelf’, dealing with film, on-line, illustration, design and media buying.

What they do

Their services include: film and audio production (TV & radio commercials, corporate videos, TV programmes, multi-media IT solutions, website design, DVD & audio CD); Illustrations for marketing and publishing; media buying (TV, radio, on-line and outdoor sites). Their clients include: Sky Sports; Channel 4; ITV; BBC; Puffin Books; Cambridge University Press; Marks & Spencer; and many other household names.

The Challenge

‘Off the Shelf’ noticed that the live arts are losing out to all other aspects of entertainment and not making full use of the opportunities offered by new digital media outlets. Through their work in the arts over the years, they identified a way of marrying the work of all live arts venues in an easy to upload and easy to view platform for the general public.

The company wanted to develop a content led Video On Demand (VOD) online platform which allows theatres, venues and production companies to combine to attract their audiences to the platform and to benefit from shared promotional activities. This in turn would drive new audiences to the live arts.

This would be a new service for theatres and venues and for the general public to gain access to the live arts sector.

The Solution

‘Off the Shelf’ applied for grant funding from the ERDF Smart Innovation and Networking for Growth (SING) programme towards the development of the bespoke back end programming of the platform which will include modules specifically aimed at live arts venues.

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It was hoped that the project would provide a significant extension to the services the company are able to offer their clients, as well as give opportunities for arts organisations of all sizes to showcase their work to reach new audiences.

The Outcome

The front end of the platform has now also been developed by ‘Off the Shelf’ and the platform 'Artspod' launched in October this year.

As a small rural company with limited resources it has been a massive help to us to be able to tap into the Network for Growth programme. If we hadn’t been able to benefit from this would have remained as an idea that we couldn’t develop. However, we now have approx. 300 venues signed up to and are embarking on increasing the traffic to the site with the help of the venues, which includes the TV programme due for broadcast next year.

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