Increased revenue and competitiveness in precision engineering

New CNC lathe creates workflow effieciency for SLS.

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The Company

SLS Precision Engineers Limited was formed in 1978, and are based in Nottinghamshire. Having grown steadily over the years employing highly skilled staff, the company has established a reputation as a key precision tooling supplier.

What They Do

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality tooling serving a variety of industries including:

  • Powder Compacting
  • Mould Tool
  • Press Tool
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

They offer their customers a range of ultra-high precision machining of one-offs or low volume high quality batch work. They also offer wire and spark erosion service, as well as a wide range of grinding services.

The Challenge

The current lathes were not capable of turning hardened materials for tooling production to the high accuracy required by the aerospace and automotive industries. These sectors are key customer bases, so it was essential to purchase a new CNC lathe to achieve the required accuracy.

The Solution

The company submitted a successful application for an ERDF Luminate grant from the Transport iNet which enabled them to purchase a CNC lathe capable of achieving the level of accuracy required.

The Outcome

In addition to the purchase of the new machine, the company was also able to create a new job for an operator. This has resulted in a more efficient workflow in an area of the workshop where there had previously been a bottleneck. Due to the increased accuracy and speed of the work produced, the company are now able to take on and handle an increased workload in this area whilst reducing workload in other areas of the workshop.

"This was the first grant that we have applied for, and it has helped us to purchase a high quality machine which has enabled us to achieve better workflow, attract more business and increase our revenue and competitiveness. Without this support from the Transport iNet, it would have taken us longer to purchase the machine."

Chris Brown, Technical Manager
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