Bringing prototyping in-house

Metron explores the benefits of 3D Printing

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The Company

Metron Advanced Equipment Ltd is an engineering consultancy based in Nottinghamshire

What They Do

Metron provides composites design and engineering services to a range of sectors including aerospace, industrial machinery, medical equipment, motorsport and cycling.

Utilising 3D CAD and FEA stress analysis techniques as well as external resources for CFD and wind tunnel testing, Metron aims to improve all aspects of composites structures down to the finest detail.

The Challenge

Metron carries out the design activities in-house and subcontracts out any prototype manufacturing. However, many of the components used could be manufactured in-house using additive manufacturing processes. Being able to manufacture their own prototypes would give them more control over the quality and time scales and reduce their costs.

The Solution

In order to be able to manufacture their own components they needed to purchase a 3D printer. This would also significantly extend their capabilities and enable them to offer additional services.

Metron secured an ERDF Transport iNet SME Grant towards the purchase of a 3D printer capable of printing plastic models and parts.

The Outcome

The 3D printer enabled Metron to move from subcontracting to in-house manufacturing of prototypes. This was their first use of 3D printing and has given them a good introduction to the new technology, including making prototypes and jigs for the bike that Bradley Wiggins used for his ‘Hour Record’ attempt on 7th June 2015.

With the addition of the 3D printer Metron was able to employ an additional full time Design/Mechanical Engineer.

Key impacts: New product, New service, Growth in employment, New in-house technology.

The support we received from the iNet team during the application and claim process was excellent. With this new 3D printer we have been able to undertake several projects which would simply not have been possible if we didn’t have the technology in-house.

Dimitris Katsanis, Director, Metron Advanced Equipment Ltd
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Metron Advanced Equipment Ltd

Metron Advanced Equipment Ltd
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