Specialist sector consultant expands client potential

Leading car interior specialist gets supply chain support from Transport iNet.

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The Company

Established in 1981 originally as a car body shop, Classic Car Services is now a leading car interior specialist, supplying to car dealerships and directly to consumers. Over the last 25 years the company has built a solid and reliable reputation within the motor industry for providing a guaranteed, approved service. Based in Thurmaston, the five strong Classic Car Services team has been customising and refurbishing car interiors for over 20 years. As the company name suggests, it has predominately worked within the classic car market, specialising in high quality leather interiors.

The Challenge

Classic Car Services wanted to evolve and increase its work in the new car market, tapping into the growing trend for bespoke and customised interiors. The company had already worked with a number of high end automotive dealers, but was unsure how to gain further entry into such a specialist market.

The Solution

The Transport iNet approached Classic Car Services via an existing contact and suggested it could assist in directly targeting customers in the new car market. The Transport iNet was instrumental in providing supply chain brokerage support to Classic Car Services. This gave the team two full days of funded advice from Adrian Waters, a specialist automotive consultant. Adrian’s knowledge and experience provided the dedicated time needed to develop a solid strategy for entering this new sector.

The Outcome

Through the supply chain brokerage support, backed by advice from the Transport iNet, Classic Car services has been able to establish a number of contacts in the new car industry. This is allowing them to generate credibility and build a solid foundation in this lucrative market.

The work completed with the Transport iNet and the specialist automotive consultant was a purely positive experience – the result has been increased access to a new market which has fantastic potential for us. As a five person business, we wouldn’t have had the time to develop a strategy and move into this sector without this external support and guidance.

Steve Hartley, Classic Car Services
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