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Moving Manufacturing to Volume Production Leads to Business Growth

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The Company

EarthSense is a spin out company from the University of Leicester designed to meet the needs of the growing air quality market. Their products enable the world to understand and solve its air quality issues.

What they do

EarthSense measure and model ambient air quality using their unique Zephyr® air quality sensors combined with their MappAir® global pollution modelling service. They use this data to provide insights into air quality, provide evidence for policy makers and enable the monitoring of key performance indicators.

Projects range from providing cost effective sensors to the likes of local and central government, environmental planning, automotive industries and urban planning for measuring air quality, to data modelling for analysing the distribution of air pollution on regional, national and global scale.

EarthSense visualisation services enable analysis of air pollution to create actionable impacts on the ground and evidence the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.

Zephyr Traffic Signal

The Challenge

EarthSense range of innovative air quality services include the Zephyr® air quality sensor. This unit offers exceptional performance in air quality monitoring and was introduced to the market in 2017.

The unit manufacturing costs of the Zephyr® were limiting its commercial competitiveness in the sector. To reduce this cost the company needed to invest in aluminium tooling for plastic injection mouldings. This would enable unit costs to be reduced and enable growth of EarthSense in terms of regional income and jobs created.

The Solution

Earthsense applied to The iNet for funding from the ERDF Productivity and Capability Enhancement programme (PACE). Additional funding would allow EarthSense to invest in new tooling and move the Zephyr® sensor to volume production..

The Outcome

The company launched a new release of the Zephyr® sensor, manufactured in the UK using the new tooling in July 2018. This has reduced unit costs significantly, enabling a new generation of customers to benefit from professional air quality monitoring services at competitive prices.

Using new tooling and moving to volume production helped create a larger volume of sensors at a quicker turnaround allowing EarthSense to meet the increased industry demand for reliable air quality sensors.

Zephyrs arrived

Moving to volume production highlights EarthSense’s reputation for technical excellence in air quality services making it attractive to potential channel and territory partners across the globe. In December 2018, EarthSense secured its first channel partnership with leading supplier and service provider of environmental monitoring systems, Enviro Technology Ltd who are now official Zephyr® distributors to local authorities across the whole of the UK.

In June 2018, the move to volume production helped save on manufacturing costs resulting in EarthSense employing a new software developer, marketing manager and operations manager; taking the next steps towards company growth.

As a small start-up, EarthSense was grateful for the support The iNet could offer in establishing an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process. In our attempts to provide air quality monitoring solutions to worldwide markets, we need to provide reliable deliveries and affordable technology to our customers. Through the PACE grant we have secured mass manufacturing capability and are now looking to further expand into global markets

Roland Leigh, Technical Director, EarthSense
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